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Banks, institutional investors and hedge funds rely on the best possible data there is. Their success relies on it. Big expenses are made to receive specific FX filtered data at several suppliers.

Now you are able to do so accordingly without the heavy expenses and multiple resource contracts. We have covered that for you and translated it into several professional tools.

Directly Connected

We have several direct connections to gather the most important FX data: FX swaps, outright forwards and options. This type of transaction data is reported and covering almost 60% of the FX market, meaning: seeing turnover by counter-party, transaction-type and volume.

By excluding the spot market, retail traders and all less significant influencers are hereby excluded as well. This all gives a very good insight in what all the major players are doing and heading to.

Raw Volumes

This tool gives you the ability to see all real and live transaction volumes of banks, institutional investors and hedge funds combined. No retail trader or market maker data involved here.

Delta Volumes

If you are a high frequency trader or very active scalper, you can't imagine trading without seeing the differences between ask and bid volumes. Our Delta Volumes tool is giving you the real delta of volumes from all major players live.

Smart Volumes

Our next gen tool that thinks, acts and reacts like a professional trader. Smart algorithm that measures everything giving you all the information to start trading: volumes, trend, possible entries and exits. Very easy to understand and use.

It includes data for Bitcoin and Gold.

Supported & To Come

At the moment we are providing all tools for the Metatrader4 terminal. Soon Metatrader5 will join the collection. Tools for other popular terminals are in development such as for Tradestation and Ninjatrader.

Institutional terminals are already supported. Please contact us to subscribe and obtain your plugin.

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Raw Volumes


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Delta Volumes


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Smart Volumes


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Raw Volumes
& Delta Volumes


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  • check Swing Trading
  • check Day Trading
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If you need more licenses per product for your traders, contact us. Our sales department will contact you about all available options.

Direct access thru our API data-feed is possible as well. Most institutional terminals are having plugins already.


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No. We offer this service for several years to fund managers, investors and banks. Our former company, Global Financial Data Services, changed course and our goal is to serve retail traders as well under our new brandname; BankersFX. In 2017 we decided to expand and make it affordable, accessible and as simple as possible for all traders.

The data is 100% accurate. We have agreements and direct access to bank, data suppliers and trading-floor feeds. This data is available to anyone who is able to pay the expenses.

There are other suppliers that deliver comparable data but not as tools and not this friendly priced. However, there are none that deliver filtered volume data with an algorithm such as the Smart Volumes tool gives you.

Visa, Mastercard and American Express

Currently, the tools that can be ordered thru our website are for Metatrader 4 terminals only. Metatrader 5 tools will be added later on as ninjatrader and Tradestation. If you use other terminals that allows external data feeds, we are able to connect you. The following terminals are tested and ready to connect: Bloomberg, Lightspeed, VectorVest, EquityFeed Workstation and Wave59 PRO2. If you are interested in our tools and your terminal isn't listed, contact us.

Easy: cancel your monthly subscription in your creditcard dashboard at any time. As of the next month your subscription will be terminated. No hidden fees or contracts. Be aware: when you cancel your subscription in your BankersFX dashboard, the tool(s) will be inactive directly.

No, and there will not come any. We believe in our service, price and simplicity of the data we provide. However, you are able to cancel a subscription at any time.

Once your payment is processed and approved, you can access your personal account where you can add trading account numbers, see your unique ID's and download links. You get 2 licenses bound to your trading-account(s). Install the indicator(s) and library in your terminal's folder. Drag the indicator on a chart once you opened the terminal. Enter your unique code in the ID-field to activate your indicator(s). That's it.

Yes, we can by tool and/or by API-feed. Please contact us regarding your needs and our possibilities


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When you experienced our services and/or tools, please let us know about your findings. Even when there is something left to improve or a dislike. That way we can improve our operations.

Our goal is to share important data with retail traders so you are able to improve your trading drastically and raise it to a professional level.

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